European Study Tour

The two week Study Tour to Northern Europe described below is “on hold” for the Fall 2018 semester.  Depending on interest and availability of bursaries, YLS does hope to offer this trip in future years.

The YLS Study tour is an inspirational 2 week tour to Germany, Denmark and Sweden in search of Sustainability Best Practices.  This part of the world leads all others in:

  • The manufacture, deployment and policy support of renewable energy (solar, wind, biomass).
  • Energy efficiency, and the use of district heating systems.
  • Development of sustainable transportation infrastructure (transit, cycling, walking streets, inter-city train).
  • Sustainable urban design (compact, mixed use).
  • Waste management.
  • Greenhouse gas reduction.

In fact, so many government officials and students come from all over the world to study this region’s environmental leadership that a professional infrastructure has emerged to host, teach and tour visiting groups. YLS Program Director Cameron Douglas has spent time in these cities developing relationships with these sustainability education professionals.

European Study Tour

The region provides tremendous opportunities for learning through immersion in (truly!) best practices. We will explore via bicycle, transit and foot the beautiful and very “livable” cities of

  • Freiburg, Germany; the “greenest city in the world” (transportation, urban design, energy production, energy efficiency, democratic processes)
  • Copenhagen, Denmark; exemplary transit, cycling, and set to become the world’s first carbon neutral city
  • Lund and Malmö, Sweden; Lund University of Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS) focuses on sustainability challenges such as water conflicts, food security, land use changes and urban transformation – and is often conducted in international cooperation.  Malmö is known for its sustainable urban redesign/renewal, biogas-based public transportation, green roofs, water and waste management
  • Samsø, Denmark; the world’s first carbon-neutral island.

We will also spend a half day touring the enormous wind turbine manufacturing facility in Rostock, Germany.

In Freiburg and Copenhagen we will connect with local secondary school students to share perspectives on sustainability practice and best ways for youth to lead.

Your experience in these cities will change your sense of what is possible in sustainability and motivate you to dream big when you come back to Canada! Back in Peterborough, our leadership activities and course work will follow up on our study tour experiences.

The cost of the trip to participants is $4300, all included except discretionary spending.  While this sum represents a significant amount of money, it does pay for 14 very fully and richly programmed days of inspired learning that should have significant lasting impacts on student and perhaps on their career choices.

YLS will help students with fund raising efforts.